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Cochise Country

Wheeling and Hiking in Arizona's Apache Stronghold
Article Date: March, 2015


Other Destinations

Benson is also located in a convenient location to explore other areas. Tombstone, "The Town too Tough to Die", is located 24 miles to the south. You can walk the streets where Wyatt Earp roamed, visit the Bird Cage Saloon, or go check out the OK Corral where the Earp brothers and Doc Holiday faced off against the Clanton gang in the famous shootout. The old county courthouse is now an excellent museum showcasing the mining life and history of Tombstone. Daily gunfights are still common although slinging lead has now been replaced with blanks.

Tombstone is a popular destination. The Boot Hill graveyard is always one of the highlights.

Continuing on to the south, another 23 miles brings you to Bisbee, Arizona. Bisbee is a mining town known for copper mining. The huge Lavender Pit mine is an open pit mine just south of town. The Copper Queen Mine is dug into the side of a mountain. Visitors to the mine can enter the mine on the same electric shuttle trains that miners used to access the mine. The historic Copper Queen Hotel is located downtown, across the plaza from the mining museum. Built in 1902 by the Copper Queen Mining Company it served up the good life for politicians, mining officials, or visitors. Teddy Roosevelt stayed here during his time with the Rough Riders. The Copper Mines held out much longer than Tombstone's silver mines to the north but eventually ceased production around 1975 after producing over eight billion pounds of copper.

Bisbee is a short drive from Benson and a popular tourist destination. Built around mining, visitors can take a shuttle train into the Copper Queen Mine.

Regardless of your tastes, you're bound to find tons of history, scenic wonders, and a warm climate in Cochise Country. One interesting facts we learned is that the Apaches originated in Alaska and made their way down to this part of the country. Apparently they knew a good thing when they saw it.


Benson Visitor Center
(520) 586-4293

Bisbee Visitor Center
(866) 2-BISBEE

Cochise Stronghold (USFS Site)    
(800) 257-2570

Dragoon Springs


Fort Bowie
(520) 847-2500

Tombstone Visitor Center
(888) 457-3929

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