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Cruzer's RV TechMag is the ultimate source for technical articles, travel destinations, road tests and reviews as well as the latest and greatest RV products and accessories and editorial commentary related to the RV lifestyle. You may choose from the following selections to narrow down your area of interest.

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RV Tech Mag reaches a large number of viewers and keeps us busy finding and researching new material. If you need to contact us regarding our website feel free to do so.


I am a former owner of Tiffin RVs and now currently own an Entegra Coach. I've done numerous upgrades and am a regular contributing writer in FMCA's Family RVing magazine so I get a ton of email regarding both Tiffin and Entegra motorhomes as well as the many travel destinations within my website. Unfortunately I don't have adequate time to respond to them as there are only 24 hours in a day.

Many of the answers that you might be looking for can most likely be found be asking the many helpful Tiffin owners on the TiffinRVNetwork Forum. Keep in mind that I am not affiliated with Tiffin Motorhomes so those of you who ask questions about service and parts will best be served by contacting Tiffin Motorhomes at Tiffin Motorhomes.

For those of you with question regarding Entegra Coach you can ask them on the Entegra forum on the IRV2.com website. You can also contact Entegra Coach customer support, which is one of the best there is in the RV industry. Again, I am not affiliated with Entegra Coach so any serious questions about service and parts will best be served by them at Entegra Coach.

I also get numerous requests for assistance in help planning travel routes. I've published information regarding RV travel around the Yellowstone area and Pacific Northwest on web pages in this site. Additional information or information on other areas can be found by searching the web for information from other individuals familiar with those areas. I've found that RV owners who frequent the "Crossroads" area of the IRV2 web forum can generally provide helpful answers for those questions. I do not have the time or ability to advise on travel routes for your particular trip other than what I've published in my articles.

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