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2007 Allegro Bus 42QRP

Road Test, Review and In-Depth Inspection
Article Date: July, 2006


Basement Storage and Utilities

The increased basement storage height really does add to the storage capabilities and accessibility. Shown below are the side hinged doors and the higher lower edge of the slide-out due to the relocation of the mechanism from the bottom of the slide to the sides. The pass through area is cavernous. You can see the 3,000 watt inverter that is mounted in the rearmost compartment in the first picture. The second picture shows a close-up of how it is suspended from the ceiling so as not to intrude upon and storage space.



The batteries are located in the two rearmost compartments on the curbside. The rearmost compartment contains the four primary coach batteries as well as the main fuse, manual disconnects, and distribution points. The forward compartment has a baffle that covers the batteries underneath it. Freightliner typically uses this area for the chassis batteries but Spartan places their two chassis batteries in the rear engine compartment. On the Spartan chassis 42QRP Tiffin has placed 4 more coach batteries, giving a total of 8 to supply the house needs and the inverter.

Rather than the usual 6 volt flooded batteries, these are the Interstate Battery DCS-88BT series of batteries. These are 12 volt AGM batteries, with an 88 amp-hr rating. This will give you 704 amp-hrs versus the typical 440 amp-hrs of the typical four 6 volt battery setup. The AGMs charge faster, can be drawn down farther, and do not outgas hydrogen. They utilize electrolyte impregnated into fiberglass wraps so no water is used. These are truly maintenance free batteries so you can throw your battery hydrometer and water filling bottle away.

If you are looking at a 42QRP on a Freightliner chassis you will have to verify what battery setup is used. Traditionally Freightliner uses this area for their chassis batteries. If Tiffin has any plans to relocate them and add the extra coach batteries to this area you'll have to verify that with them. The facts as stated above only pertain to the Spartan chassis.


The water service bay is very spacious and contains a water hose reel and water filter as well as the usual valves and fittings required. A paper towel holder and soap dispenser are also included. There are also two coax connections in this bay for a remote satellite dish and cable TV inputs.


The electrical service bay is located ahead of the rear axle. This bay contains the 50 amp power cord on a power retractable cord reel. It also contains the central vacuum system and provides access to the Hydro Hot system controls. Additional access to the Hydro Hot system is available from the curbside if needed.


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