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2007 Allegro Bus 42QRP

Road Test, Review and In-Depth Inspection
Article Date: July, 2006


Interior - Bath Area

This is where the 42QRP floorplan begins to seriously differ from the 42QDP. While the 42QDP has the second sink in the bedroom area, the 42QRP relocates it to the open bath area. It then flops the shower and toilet areas from side to side. Finally, the washer-dryer is relocated from the rear bedroom corner in the 42QDP to opposite the shower in the 42QRP.

/42QDP Floorplan
42QDP Floorplan

/42QRP Floorplan
42QRP Floorplan

The bathroom vanity features the same solid surface top and backsplash as used in the galley. The pewter finished faucet and soap dispenser also match although the bathroom faucet is not the single lever Moen as used in the kitchen. Instead it uses a French style dual handle design. The shower is located immediately next to the vanity and is covered in rain glass to hide any water spots. The angled design of the shower offers plenty of elbow room inside the shower.



On the opposite side of the bath area is the toilet and laundry areas. The toilet room has a new fixture for 2007. The electric flush commode is now gone, replaced by a quality porcelain fixture with integral spray hose. The toilet room tapers out and is much wider than the 42QDP floor plan, which features a narrower rectangular toilet room. This gives the occupant plenty of elbow room but it also gives a much wider vanity top. The sink is offset to one side and there is plenty of vanity room. In the same manner as the vanity, the upper medicine cabinet is also much wider and offers greater storage space as well as more mirror surface. The window is now trimmed in cherry wood and the Venetian blinds are contained within the trim to eliminate banging when in transit.



The 42QRP has a large full-height cabinet in the bath area that is accessible from the main aisle. This cabinet can be a storage area or can incorporate a washer-dryer setup. You have your choice of the Splendide 2100 combo washer-dryer with overhead storage or a stackable washer-dryer with no storage. The Splendide will run on 120 volt power but the Whirlpool stackable dryer requires 240 volts in order to operate. This means you can only use the dryer when plugged in to 50 amp shore power or when running the generator set, which is a 120/240 VAC unit. The Whirlpool washer is stackable but it is a top loader, not a front loader. Regardless of what your preferences are regarding washers-dryers and your own specific storage requirements, you should be able to configure this area to your liking.


Interior - Bedroom Area

By relocating the washer-drier to a midship position, the entire back of the coach was opened up for a new design. The floorplan drawing shows a full width closet but in reality, this area is segmented. The sliding closet doors take up 2/3 of the back wall. To the left of the sliding doors is the remaining 1/3, which houses a shirt closet with a pair of very large drawers underneath. This shirt closet is necessary because when you open the sliding doors on the right side you will find the 120 volt breaker panels and 12 volt fuse panel. You can store things in cubbyholes behind them but that requires getting at them from the other side of the closet so it's not overly handy. Still, the shirt closet on the left side restores the space that would have been available had the breaker panels been somewhere else so it's not a loss of space, just a rearrangement of it.



The curbside slide-out features a full length solid surface top. There are lots of drawers as well as a laundry hamper. The flat screen LCD TV has a compartment beneath it for an optional DVD player. It should be noted that this DVD compartment has now been eliminated. All future models will come with a combo TV with integral VCR and DVD players built into the TV. The existing cabinet has now been eliminated and there is more open space between the TV and the countertop.


The driver's side slide-out comes standard with a queen bed but a King bed is optional as are Select Comfort mattresses for either size. This particular coach had the Select Comfort adjustable King Size air mattress. The area underneath the bed is shared between the slide-out mechanism/ Select Comfort pump and open storage area near the foot of the bed. The bed is supported in the open position by gas struts. Solid surfaced nightstands are included. The queen bed utilizes the same configuration but the nightstands are larger. There is no shirt closet alongside the bed as in the 42QDP so you do get two windows for flow through ventilation with either bed selection.



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