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Global Expedition Vehicles

Exploring the Earth, Roads are Optional
Article Date: March, 2015


Interior and Amenities

The interior of our particular Safari Extreme was finished with quarter sawn teak cabinetry with four coats of hand rubbed varnish. The flooring was oiled teak but a wide selection of woods and other materials can be chosen, such as bamboo, cork or any other hardwood. The dinette window was installed in a Natural Opening Wall. This panel can be opened to give you a much larger opening so that you can take in a larger view or bring more of the outside ambience into your RV. This is a real plus when viewing wildlife or just taking in an awesome sunset and is a photographer's dream come true.

The galley is furnished with marine grade components. A stainless steel sink is recessed into the Granite counter top while a microwave/convection oven is located in the cabinetry over the two drawer stainless steel refrigerator/freezer unit. The drawers latch into place for travel and, unlike traditional hinged doors, prevents any food containers from falling out when the fridge is opened after travel. Interior cabinets are also made with locking latches. A simple push of the button locks the cabinet or drawer and prevents it from opening during travel.

Like every component in a Global Expedition Vehicle, appliances are also top grade A two drawer refrigerator/freezer unit is selected to keep contents from spilling out when traveling over rough terrain.

The shower stall is built on teak flooring. The lockable hatch cover allows access between the cab and the living area.

If you're the kind of traveler who wants to truly explore, overland travel is a great way to see the world. Overland travel is gaining in popularity and the annual Overland Expo is a great place to introduce yourself to this kind of travel and meet with other overlanders. Global Expedition Vehicles is an excellent choice to custom build an expedition vehicle tailored to your needs. GXV's owners are seasoned overland travelers and fully understand what works and what doesn't and can use that experience to help design the perfect vehicle for any prospective buyer. The UXV on a Ford F-550 or Dodge 5500 series domestic pickup truck chassis of your choice is perfect for domestic travel or for getting into small rural towns when traveling abroad. The Safari Extreme and Global Traveler series on Mercedes chassis are perfect for international travel while the Patagonia and Pangea are designed where a larger vehicle is desired and can be offered on any choice of domestic or imported heavy duty chassis, including eight wheel drive if you want to go whole hog. Extraordinary travel requires extraordinary vehicles and Global Expedition Vehicles can certainly meet those needs.


Global Expedition Vehicles
(417) 582-5050

Overland Expo
(520) 591-1410


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