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Global Expedition Vehicles

Exploring the Earth, Roads are Optional
Article Date: March, 2015


Think Green

GXV vehicles are extremely environmentally friendly. Compared to the typical RV, GXV vehicles use less fuel based on equal hours of usage. Every GXV body is highly insulated and features energy efficient windows. Solar panels provide power to Lithium-Ion battery banks, which can also be recharged via wind powered generators. The water heater, cooktop and furnace are all powered by diesel fuel, which is a more efficient source of fuel than propane and readily available worldwide. Bio-diesel can also be used. Wastewater is minimized by the use of composting toilets or cassette toilets. GXV also uses cork flooring, bamboo interiors and other renewable materials whenever possible.

Vehicle selection depends on where you want to do your exploring. If your overland travel is basically limited to North America, a domestic chassis would be the best choice. Smaller units built on a Ford F-250/550 or Dodge 4500/5500 chassis will let you get into tight areas with ease. If you want more room, the Patagonia can be built on a heavy duty Freightliner or Navistar chassis. These can be 4x4 or 6x6 and configured with single, extended or crew cab configurations. The Pangea takes it a step further and offers a lifting roof that can be raised to expose a huge loft sleeping area while still allowing use of the main living area. If you plan on traveling abroad or doing an around-the-world expedition, a chassis such as DAF, MAN or Mercedes would be a good choice due to better service access when traveling abroad. Chassis like the Mercedes Unimog offer the ability to burn high-sulphur diesel fuel as well, which can be a boon when traveling in less developed nations. Basically, GXV will build your unit on whichever chassis is best suited for your travel plans.

Units are designed for efficiency, durability and luxury. This particular unit is finished with Quarter Sawn Teak cabinetry with a 4 coat hand rubbed varnish finish. The flooring is solid teak planking with a teak oil finish, common to yachts.

A forward bath area and a comfortable couch/dinette area is located near the front of the vehicle.

The sleeping area and wardrobe are located in the rear of the vehicle.

GXV utilizes state of the art electronics in every unit. Breaker panels, a See Level digital tank monitoring system, satellite TV and generator controls are all located within easy reach on this Pangea unit.

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