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Allison Generation 5 Prognostics

Accessing Prognostic Information from your Electronic Shift Controller
Article Date: April, 2017


Allison Transmissions introduced their latest Generation 5 Electronic Controls Shift Selector for 2013 model year Allison 3000 and 4000 series automatic transmissions. This new package offers better detailed graphics and extensive information about the condition of your transmission. I'm sure you are familiar with the term diagnostics, which is information that helps you diagnose a problem. Prognostics is proactive information that supplies information prior to a problem so that hopefully you can avoid that from happening in the future. Allison's Generation 5 electronics offer new capabilities with advanacd prognostics. The Generation 5 shift selectors now feature easy-to-read LED displays that show both text and numerals.

The Generation 5 Transmission Control Module (TCM) is physically different than the previous generations so it's easy to determine which generation your coach has. The Gen 5 controller has flat ribs to help disburse the heat from inside the controller while the previous Gen 4 controller had an array of round posts that served as heat sinks. The following images show the difference between the two controllers.

Generation 4 Controller

Generation 5 Controller


Oil Life Monitor

The status of the oil life is displayed as a percentage (OIL LIFE 100%) until the fluid is due for a change.



Filter Life Monitor

The status of the filter life is displayed as OIL FILTERS OK and alerts when filters are due for a change by displaying REPLACE FILTERS.


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