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2013 Entegra Cornerstone 45K

An In-Depth Review of Entegra Coach's Flagship Motorhome
Article Date: June, 2012



The Cornerstone spares no expense when it comes to decor. Our test coach was painted in the luxurious Opulence Black Cherry paint scheme that featured a four-color design laid over a metallic-silver background. The Cornerstone receives five coats of urethane clear for a total of eight to nine thousandths of an inch of clear coat, giving it a very deep look to its finish.


This particular Cornerstone was painted in the Opulence Black Cherry paint scheme, which featured a 4 color design overlaying a metallic silver background. 5 coats of urethane clear with a total depth of 8-9 mils delivers an attractive, deep look to its finish. The deep windshield and roll-off dash afford excellent vision in tight maneuvers and the chrome mirrors are mounted down low so that you have a good angle of view and also can see over the top of them, eliminating any blind spots. Large mono-blade wiper blades are fitted to fully enclosed arms that also house the windshield washers and shield them from the sun's harmful UV rays. Powerful Xenon headlights provide excellent illumination when driving at night.


The basement storage space is easily accessed by tall side hinged cargo doors. A generous 20" of clearance between the basement floor and bottom of the frame rails gives plenty of clearance for tall objects or containers. Powered slideout trays made access to cargo as simple as pressing a rocker switch.


Entegra uses frameless flush mounted windows with crank out awning style lower inserts. This gives an attractive upscale look and also minimizes wind noise when traveling. Girard Nova series power patio awnings are built into the upper fascia for a streamlined appearance and are capable of kicking down when extended to afford greater protection from the sun in the patio area. A power entrance door awning as well as window awnings are also standard. The power entry steps are of the sliding style common to higher end coaches, rather than the swing out style. The entry door is very easy to open, without requiring a stiff tug on the handle. This is due to a pneumatic locking cylinder that pulls the door tight against the seal whenever the parking brake is released. as soon as the parking brake is applied, the pneumatic plunger releases to relieve tension on the door latch for ease in operation. A 32" LCD TV is also located behind a weatherproof panel in the patio side of the coach. A DVD player and speaker system completes this entertainment center that is perfect for outside entertaining.


12 volt coach needs are met by a bank of 8 AGM batteries, which are more than adequate to power the dual Magnum true sine wave inverters. A set of two battery mounting trays are mounted on slide rails to allow easy access.

Both interior heat and domestic hot water heat are provided by an Aqua Hot hydronic heating system. The boiler is located in a driver side basement compartment and can be heated by electricity or the diesel burner. In addition to the two interior zones, the Aqua Hot system also provides hydronic in-floor heating as well as basement heat to prevent any plumbing freeze-ups in cold weather.

Air conditioning needs are met by three 15,000-BTU rooftop units with heat pumps. The units are ducted and feed a series of registers through-out the coach. The air conditioner return air in the main living area was fed through a mirrored and hardwood trimmed intake duct to provide quiet airflow when running. Indeed, it was one of the quietest coaches we've been in and when all three air conditioners were running it was easy to hold a conversation in normal speaking tones.


The Cornerstone's full house water filtration system ensures that clean water is available at every location. The 50-amp electrical service is fed by shore hook-ups or a 12,500-watt Onan Quiet Diesel generator, which is located on a slide out tray in the front cap. An Onan EC-30 Automatic Generator Start system can be energized to auto start the generator whenever shore power is not available and battery voltage is below a certain threshold or the thermostat is calling for air conditioning.

Lighting throughout the coach was controlled by multiplex lighting controllers. You can create specific scenes to your own taste and save them to allow instant recall of any lighting scene from various locations within the coach. The powered sun and privacy shades were also controlled by these control panels. An optional iPad can be used to send wireless signals to this system to control lighting and shades from any location in the coach.


The slideouts and entry door are flush when retracted to minimize wind noise. The paint stripes are continued around the edges of the slideouts to offer a flowing look to the decor.

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