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2014 American Coach Revolution 42W

Setting New Limits in Design
Article Date: September, 2012



The Onan 8,000-watt generator mounted on a powered slide out system enables the lower portion of the front cap to extend with the generator for ease of access. An Onan EC-30 automatic generator start module will auto-start the generator should the battery voltage fall to a preset level or if the thermostat calls for cooling when shore power is not available. A Precision Circuits energy management system sheds loads as needed to prevent tripping the pedestal breaker when on 30 amp shore power and also interfaces with the dual 2,000-watt Magnum true sine wave inverters to provide additional capacity. A 50-amp power cord reel is located in the basement for ease in connecting to shore power while a Surge Guard power monitor watches over your valuable electrical components. A bank of eight, six-volt AGM batteries provides ample power to easily meet the coach's 12-volt needs.

The plumbing service bay is equipped with a whole house water filter, a waste management pump, an integrated black tank flush attachment and outside sprayer as well as the usual assortment of valves and controls.

Coach heating and domestic hot water is provided by the Aqua-Hot hydronic heating system which uses either diesel fuel or electricity to heat the boiler to provide comfortable heating and unlimited hot water for long showers. The burner's exhaust is routed to the rear of the coach rather than to the side due to the full wall slide out. The Aqua-Hot boiler is placed at a right angle to the usual installation because the 150-gallon mid-ship fuel tank location doesn't permit a lateral installation, which makes it a bit harder to access for service work.

Our coach was optioned with a 90-inch dual acting cargo slide tray in the first full storage bay that could be accessed from either side. The second bay held a pair of 36-inch and 54-inch cargo slide trays so that one tray could be accessed from one side without affecting the other side, allowing taller cargo to be placed there without worries about hanging up on the frame rails. Although, with a 22.5-inch clearance between the bottom of the I-beam frame rails and the floor, there's plenty of room for most large items.

The 8,000-watt Onan generator is mounted on electric powered slide rails. The lower portion of the front cap is mounted to this framework to afford maximum access.

This coach was equipped with a 90-inch double acting full width cargo tray in the front bay and a pair of split cargo trays in the second bay that can be accessed independently of each other. Side hinged doors with power locks provide ease of access to any basement cargo.

The last curbside compartment places the air dryer, fuel filters, batteries, DEF tank and other service related items in one common, easy to access location.

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