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RPM versus Speed Calculator

Calculate the Speed in MPH at Any Given Engine RPM
Article Date: April, 2022


Your engine's tachometer can give you a good idea of how fast you are traveling once you are used to it but if you want specific information it can be calculated as long as you know your gear ratios and tire sizes, which are all critical to find out what that speed is. Larger tires increase your vehicle's speed while larger gear ratios decrease that speed. If you know each gear ratio within your transmission you can also use this calculator to plot a line graph showing your RPM drop when you shift into the next gear. Before using this calculator be sure to find out what your transmission's gear ratios are, what your rear axle's final drive ratio is and the rolling diameter of your specific tire. Then, simply enter those numbers and the math will give you the exact speed at that RPM.

Enter the Following Parameters to Calculate the Vehicle's Speed

Engine RPM:
Rear Axle Gear Ratio : :1
Transmission Gear Ratio : :1
Tire Diameter(inches):


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